Grand juries primarily exist as a tool to review evidence gathered by authorities and determine if it is sufficient enough for the case to go to trial. These proceedings are confidential and can be intimidating or overwhelming to the people they concern and to those called to testify.

For individuals subpoenaed to court, it may seem best to testify to the authorities. Unfortunately, this can be a critical mistake if the prosecutor believes the witness is withholding information, has been less than honest with investigators, or has lied to the grand jury panel.

Pennsylvania Investigations of Grand Jury Indictments

Individuals subpoenaed to testify before the Grand Jury often appear without legal representation. However, this type of legal proceeding authorizes officials to investigate any additional criminal acts discovered. To avoid potential criminal liability as a result of Grand Jury testimony, it is imperative that you contact an attorney as soon as you receive a subpoena to appear and testify. In fact, we may be able to successfully quash a Grand Jury subpoena, or to arrange for the taking of a statement instead of testifying in court.

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