Workers injured as a result of a dangerous construction site may assume the owner will willingly compensate them for physical, emotional, and financial damages. Without the assistance of an attorney, workers may end up with no compensation at all.

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Responsibilities of Construction Site Owners

Property owners in Pennsylvania have a legal obligation to protect construction workers and passers-by from dangerous conditions they know about or should have known about.

Examples of dangerous worksite conditions include:

  • Falling debris
  • Lack of fences, netting or other protective barriers around a construction site
  • Holes or cracks in pavement, a sidewalk, or the grounds
  • Unsecured scaffolding or ladders
  • Gaps between areas or uneven areas where one type of surface joins with another
  • Debris left on the ground such as nails, tools, or chunks of concrete
  • Accidents caused by cranes, front-end loaders, backhoes, forklifts, excavators, road rollers, and trucks

Even though the property owner may appear clearly at fault for a person’s injury, it remains important to collect and preserve evidence of the dangerous conditions in existence at the time of the accident. Property owners may attempt to remove evidence of the dangerous conditions, harming the victim’s chances of proving his case in court.

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